As an emerging company we have worked hard to develop a reputation as a provider of quality pest control solutions.
We offer prevention and treatment programs tailored to address specific problems encountered on each site. Our practice framework incorporates the key principles of integrated management. This means that our technicians will employ and advise a range of non-chemical methods aimed at preventing an infestation, as well as delivering safe and effective pesticide based treatments.

The following model of intervention is adopted by all EPM Technicians::



Using tried and true methods, we will begin every service with a thorough inspection. Our experienced technicians have seen it all and are trained to detect activity. Whether it be insects, pests or rodents, if they’re there, we’ll find them.


Having identified the problem, we will then select the most appropriate treatment methods and products. A situation based plan is then designed to prevent activity at each site. This approach is environmentally proactive in reducing overuse and overdependence on pesticides.

We can advise and assist you with non-chemical prevention methods as well as conduct the necessary pesticide-based treatment of the site. Our technicians are trained to operate to the highest safety standards.