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Bed bugs have been a part of human society from the beginning. they’ve been mentioned in the texts dating back to the Aristotle and were found in the Egyptian tomb. however, while fight with bed bugs, we have something that Egyptians didn’t had… the internet!

Thanks to the internet, finding information has become a piece of cake. now you can find a bed bug pest control service from the comfort of your home and get rid of these blood-sucking insects.

Keep on reading to learn everything about bed bug infestations and some of the most effective ways to save your house from these bugs.

Bed Bug

Bed Bugs - Everything you Need to Know

Let’s start with the most basic question: what are actually bed bugs?

Bed bugs are the parasites that feed on your blood. Their bites can lead to a number of health complications, including psychological effects, skin rashes and allergic reactions. The bugs skin changes caused by beg bugs bites range from small areas of redness to prominent blisters.

Generally speaking, bed bugs are most active during the night. These wingless insects go into hiding during the day. Bed bugs favourite hiding spots include, beds, furniture, box springs, mattress seams and many more.


Bed Bug Behaviour

Bed bugs are considered hitchhikers. They’re often brought into our home in a suitcase, a backpack, a bag, or a purse. Usually, these bugs are found on or around the bed, but they can be located anywhere in your home.

These parasites or bugs can crawl into your bag on a train or airplane, during a ride on a rideshare service, or while at an old movie theatre. Afterward, you bring parasite contaminated bag into your home, and voila, the bed bug infestation has begun!

Although bed bugs cannot jump or fly, they are capable climbers and walkers. These parasites can climb wooden or metal legs to find a blood meal. According to a study, the bed bug can walk around 1 meter per minute and can happily travel up to 5 meters from their actual hiding spot.

Check for Bed Bugs

Due to their small size, spotting a bed bug can be troubling. Generally speaking, these parasites are located near the bed, where they have easy access to their hosts. However, a bed bug colony can grow quite rapidly. So, as the bug infestation grows, their prime hiding spot can become overcrowded.

While locating a bug infected area, you should pay close attention to crevices and cracks near your bed. You can use a flat-edged object, such as credit card or paint scraper, flashlight, and a magnifying glass to find these tiny bugs. In some rare cases, you might need to take apart bed frame or headboard to adequately check for bed bugs.

Here are some of the most common hiding spots for bed bugs:

  • Behind baseboards
  • Carpet near the wall
  • Inside electrical appliances
  • Folds of curtains
  • Picture frames and wall hangings
  • Electrical outlets
  • Seams of chairs and couches

Signs of Bed Bug infestation

Bed bugs bite can cause both physical and mental issues. If you wake up with an itchy back, you might be dealing with bed bugs – especially if you’ve just got a used furniture.

The first sign of a bed bug problem is itchy skin and redness. Besides skin changes, there are numerous other symptoms of bed bug infestation, including:

  • Blood stains or pillowcases and sheets
  • musty, offensive odor
  • Shed skins, egg shells, and fecal spots in areas where bed bugs hide
  • Dark and rusty spots on walls, bed clothes, and mattresses.
  • Itchy bites and sleepless nights

If you notice these symptoms, you should immediately follow an integrated pest management program or a well-known bed bug control team, such as EPM Pest and Termite Control.

Are Bed Bugs hard to control?

The faster you try to eradicate bed bugs, the better. however, this process is not that simple. For bed bugs infestation, you cannot use a can of cockroach or bug spay that you can keep under your kitchen sink. To get rid of these parasites, you need to follow a step-by-step guide with proper equipment.

Here are some of the most significant reasons why bed bugs are incredibly hard to control:

Bedbug Behaviour – Because of their intrinsic behaviour, the habits and activities of these tiny insects are pretty hard to control. These parasites usually enjoy a secretive lifestyle: they’re mostly active at night and quite hard to find at day.

Growth Rate – Bed bugs can multiply rapidly. Naturally, the actual numbers of eggs that a female parasite lays in her whole life depends upon several factors, including the access to the host. On average, a female bed bug can lay around 113 eggs in her life, which can multiply every sixteen days.

Pesticide Resistant – most pest sprays have Pyrethroids – a chemical used to kill pests. most pyrethroids are extremely toxic to pets and people. however, most bed bugs have developed a resistance against these chemicals. as a result, they are quite hard to get rid of.

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Although, beg bugs are quite hard to control, it is not a lost cause. There are several pest control services that can get rid of these tiny insects for you.

When it comes to high-performance bed bug pest control, no other agency can beat EPM Pest and Termite Control. This firm contain the most experienced staff that can handle all types of bed bug species, including tropical bed bug.

EPM Pest and Termite Control follow a strict method to terminate your bed bug issue instantly and effectively. We offer comprehensive treatment options to prevent bed bugs:

1. Inspection

First of all, our team of specialists will visit your property to finish a detailed bed bug inspection. This approach will help us determine the species, the infestation damage, and extent of the infestations as well.

We will also find the factors that caused bed bug infestation. Plus, you can also get a free quote from our website.

2. Bed Bug Control Plan

Once we complete our inspection, we will create a comprehensive plan to solve your bed bug issue. This plan will include everything: from treatment options to duration and the expected outcome. This plan will also contain specific instructions for you during this termination process.
Through our tailored plan, we will list down all the effected personal products and furniture as well. Our main focus will be protecting your property from bed bugs as well as personal appliances.

3. Extermination Process

Next step is the actual bed bug removal process. During this process, our team of expert will make your home bed bug free as per our comprehensive treatment plan.
Depending on the bed bug extension, we may use multiple treatment methods. Yes, there are more than one treatment methods to get rid of bed bugs, including insecticide spray, application of organic material and bed bug heat treatment.

4. ongoing prevention

Our goal is to protect you property from the future bed bug infestations as well. For this approach, we will also provide some ongoing prevention tip and techniques. Some of our general tips to reduce the risk of future bed bug infestations, include:

  • Regular Inspections
  • Reduce Clutter, Steam Clean Carpets
  • Frequently Wash Blankets and bed sheets

What People Say

“We moved into our first home over 2 years ago, and EPM pest control has been nothing short of reliable, friendly and all round amazing.

We usually have Eddy come by to do our termite and pest control, however we had Mahdi come out this time, and he was exceptional. Highly knowledgeable and so understanding of us having to work from home and working around us in our office space etc.

Highly recommend EPM pest control!“

Debbie Singh

"We contacted EPM after finding his professional informative website. Eddy contacted us rapidly and arrived at our house soon after. His inspection was thorough after we showed him the termite damage we had uncovered in one room. We opted for a complete barrier treatment around our house. We feel assured that Eddy uses the best quality products applied thoroughly. This treatment has given us peace of mind, our property is now protected against further damage. Our biggest regret is being in denial and not calling the very friendly Eddy a lot sooner as further renovations have uncovered evidence of more termite damage. I have no hesitation in recommending Eddy. He is patient, a great communicator, and his work is of the highest standard. Termites gone!”

Virginia Wind

“The technician that came and did the inspection and treatment was terrific! He was extremely knowledgeable, friendly and professional. Both my husband and I were very impressed with him. He had a great attitude and went out of his way to work in with us regarding the timing. It was greatly appreciated. Highly recommended!“

Tania Lacy