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Regardless of your geographical location or species, spiders are dangerous and scary. In fact, most of us have a natural fear of spiders. This fear could be related to their fangs, hairy bodies, and even eight legs. No matter the reason, some people cannot really live with these creepy creatures.

If you are arachnophobic, you probably want to do everything to keep these dangerous insects out of your home. Well, when it comes to exterminating spiders, your best approach is to find a spider pest control service provider, such as EPM Pest Control.

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Spider Infestation - What You Need to Know

Shockingly, there are over 35,000 different species of spiders all around the world. Out of which, 10,000 spider species can be found in Australia, containing both harmless and venomous species.

Spiders are not all evil. In fact, these insects have thousands of benefits for our environment. That being said, many people do have a natural fear of spiders that causes excessive crying, sweating, as well as panic attacks. Therefore, it’s always good to have some magic tricks up your sleeve to get rid of these dangerous spiders.

In Australia, you can find all types of spiders. While some are harmless, other spider species, such as false window spider, woodlouse spider and redback spider, can lead to exceptional reactions due to their venomous nature.

Spider Species

As spider infestations are becoming more and more normal, it’s important to know which species to be cautious of. Australia is home to more than 10,000 spider species. Therefore, you have to be careful in case of a spider infestation. Otherwise, you can face both health and economical implications.

Although some spider species available in Australia are harmless, that doesn’t mean you should share your home with these little insects. If they are not venomous, they are certainly scary – especially for arachnophobias. Here are two of the most common spider species you will be seeing in Brisbane:

Brown recluse spider – Most people confuse brown recluse spiders with other non-hazardous spiders. However, these spiders are quite dangerous and can lead to severe health complications. If these spiders have bitten you, it can cause severe pain with a deep scar.

Black House Spider – One of the most common species of spiders you’ll see in your home is black widows or black house spiders. These spiders are completely harmless and dwell outdoors under yard debris, boards, and rocks.

Besides these two, there are dozens of other spiders you can see in your home, including wolf spider, redback spider, huntsman spider, daddy long legs, mouse spiders and several other insects. Therefore, it’s important to distinguish between different species before getting rid of these creepy crawlers.

Just like cockroaches, spiders can be quite hard to get rid of. These tiny insects can enter your home through the tiniest opening. Although their bites are not deadly, they can lead to mild localised pain and several other issues.

Therefore, it is recommended to deal with your spider problem as soon as possible.

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If you have spiders in your home, the best approach to getting rid of these small insects is hiring a professional spider control company in Brisbane. Through this approach, you don’t have to deal with spiders on your own: a team of experts will solve your spider problem for you.

When it comes to the best pest control services in Brisbane, no other company can beat EPM Pest and Termite Control Brisbane. Our team of experts is highly educated and professional. They follow a strict plan of execution that will make your property free from unsightly webs by controlling the spider population in your home.

Furthermore, we also offer residual treatment that will protect your property from several other insects, including cockroaches, ants, bed bugs and many more. On top of that, you can contact us to get a free quote that will ensure an effective treatment against spiders.

If, for some reason, you want to deal with your spider problem on your own, there are several methods that can help you out, such as:

Natural Repellents

One of the best approaches to keep spiders out of your home is by using a natural insecticide. However, it is recommended to leave insecticides to professionals because you have to be extra careful while handling these repellents.

Before using any insecticide, read the instructions labelled on the packaging and pay close attention to all the mentioned warnings. If you don’t know anything about commercial insecticide, you can make your own spider repellent with eucalyptus essential oils, citrus, tea tree oil and peppermint.

We will also find the factors that caused bed bug infestation. Plus, you can also get a free quote from our website.

Outside Lighting

Lights do not really attract spiders. However, several other insects that they love to devour are drawn to light. An excellent way to keep your property free from spiders is by turning off your outdoor lights. You don’t have to turn off all the lights. Instead, you can replace your existing lights with yellow, dimer lights that will attract fewer insects.

Find and Seal all Hiding Places

Spiders are available in all sizes and colours. These insects are considered opportunists, looking for a chance to crawl into your property. Spiders usually enter a home in search of shelter and food.

To kill these eight-legged insects, the first step is to find their hiding spot. Spiders typically hide under plants, wood cracking and similar areas. You can find all these hiding places and seal them to prevent spider issues. To stop spiders from entering your home, you can seal up gaps, holes and cracks around your window frames and doors.

Additionally, it is recommended to place mesh coverings over vents and repair torn window screens.

Glue Traps

Killing a spider, especially redback spiders, can be a tricky and dirty approach. A shoe, fly swatter and rolled-up newspaper are certainly some useful tools to squish a tiny insect. However, this approach will smear your floors and walls, creating a dirty mess.

To avoid cleanup after a spider assassination, it is recommended to use glue traps. You can use these traps to catch spiders in your basements, attics, closets and several other areas.

Remove Debris

Some of the most favourite hiding places of a spider include compost bins, woodpiles, and plants. Most outdoor spiders will forge inside your home to find prey and shelter. However, if you remove the debris from your property, spiders won’t have anywhere to hide. As a result, they will have to find a new shelter.

    Keep your House Clean

    Pest control starts with you. If you keep your home clean, insects, including spiders, won’t invade your property. When it comes to spider treatments, regular decluttering goes a long way.

    Generally speaking, spiders are not fond of humans. They will try to avoid people as much as possible. However, they can wander in our home by following an insect. So, if you clean your home and get rid of food scraps that might be attracting other pests, you can avoid dealing with spiders!

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