Frequently asked questions

We have done our best to compile the most frequent questions our customer service or termite technicians get asked by clients. Hopefully some of these questions and answers help you with your termite query. We understand it can be a little confusing choosing the right termite inspection and Control Company. Rest assured because here at termite treatment experts we are here to help. If your query still isn’t answered here, speak to a termite expert by calling 1300 396 077.

For most properties it is recommended a termite inspection be booked once a year. In some cases due to high risk or other varying factors axtgo termite inspector may recommend a property be inspected more often.

Termites are small insects that live underground, on ground, in trees or in wooden houses. The main termites of concern to pest controllers in the Brisbane region are the subterranean termites. These termites travel mostly underground or through concealed shelter tubes or nests. Most have a creamy golden colour and ant like appearance.

The best way to check if you have termites in your residential or commercial property is to arrange a professional termite inspection as recommended by CSIRO. However a few things to look out for are:

  • Any pieces of timber in direct contact with the ground should be removed.
  • Stumps in the ground are a hotspot for termites and should be dug out.
  • Flying termites leaving from your property or a nearby tree means there is a nest nearby.
  • What involved in a visual termite inspection?

When you book a termite inspection with us, we will arrive on site at a time that suits you. We will begin by checking the external areas including gardens, enhces and the perimeter of you home. The termite technician will then inspect all internal areas using a tapper to tap all wooden skirtings, window and door frames. They will also use a moisture meter, thermal imaging camera or a termatrac to assist us during our inspection. Lastly we will inspect your roof void. Once the inspection is complete a detailed visual termite inspection report will be emailed.

A termite inspection generally costs anywhere from $195 to $340 depending on the company you choose. We charge a flat $185 including GST for a visual termite inspection for any house in Brisbane.

A termite barrier or live treatment install can vary in price. There are alot of chemicals that pest control companies have at their disposal. We only use BASF’s market leading product termidor to carry out all our termite barrier treatments. We can’t guarantee that we are the cheapest however we can assure you that our termite treatment quotes are very competitive.

There are variety of termiticides available to choose from in the market. As a homeowner it is often difficult to know which product is most suitable for your home and individual needs. The majority of the chemical termite barriers we install are done using termidor. Termidor is a leading termite protection product which has been around for over a decade. We have installed hundreds of barriers and have not had any issues.

We will continue to update our faq page. So please send through an question you may have and we will be happy to answer them.