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If you’re located in Brisbane, particularly in West End, you’re subject to some of the most dangerous termites and pests, including meat ants, yellow crazy ants, green head ants, sugar ants, bed bugs, funnel ants, termite, rodents and other pest (s).

These creepy crawlies are major intruders who disrupt your standard of living. Therefore, we are here to provide you with effective pest control and termite management solutions in your surrounding suburbs.


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Pest Control Services and Pest Inspections

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Pests can cause immense disruption to your lifestyle by attacking your furniture, food, and clothes. These cockroaches, insects, bees, spiders, flies, and much more are known to crawl into small spaces and cause unwanted troubles.

Therefore, if you wish to keep your property pest-free, our pest control professionals are here to cater to all of your household or office pest problems!

Termite Management and Control West End

Termites take the lead in causing damage to your household by ruining your furniture, cabinets, and wardrobes. These creatures mainly victimise things made out of wood but are harmful to paper, infiltration symptoms, and much more.

More than 200 termite species reside in the local area, located in north Brisbane. Common examples of these termites include coptotermes acinaciform, west Indian dry wood termites, and giant termites.

Therefore, our professional company offers safety from a potential infestation through its quality service of termite inspections and termite treatments.

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Effective West End Pest Control Solutions through Termidor

Rated 4.9 Stars on Google with 56 Reviews

Commons Pests Residing in North Brisbane

Being well-informed on the possible risk factors that may result from numerous pests available in the Brisbane West End west region.

These can cause various losses, including financial. Therefore, here are some of the pest trends in North Brisbane and the potential harm that they may cause:

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TERMITES: First and foremost, Australia brings various kinds of pests and infestations with it. Particularly in the West End of Brisbane, the termite pest is a common species. It is the perfect climate for their breeding and growth.

These are hard to detect and crawl into various spaces such as trees, playgrounds, sheds, skirting boards, or your house furniture. Therefore, annual termite inspections and termite treatments are integral if you’re looking for pest control in West End.

BED BUGS: Due to endless commercial property within West End, these form of bugs has become largely common. Getting rid of these can be tough because they are likely to travel with you to your home and family from offices and hotels.

Their bites are severe as they feed on human blood, which can irritate your skin. This species attacks while you’re asleep at night.

Therefore, our pest control experts are readily available to provide you with pest treatments for your pest issues. Our same day services will keep your property, home, family, and pet safe from all kinds of pests.

FIRE ANTS: The most dangerous ant species is the fire ant, commonly residing near the sunshine coast or gold coast, particularly in homes in West End, Brisbane QLD.

These look fairly similar to the common garden ant and, therefore, are difficult to identify but are dangerous due to their painful bite.

YELLOW CRAZY ANTS: Commonly residing in your home is the yellow crazy ant. True to their name, these are aggressive behavior and are colored yellow. These are the Class 1 Pest in the Pest and Stock Route Management Act 2002.

The risk factor associated is their tendency to spray dangerous formic acid. Even though these don’t bite, this spray can cause skin and eye irritation for your pets, children, and all humans present in your home if it comes in contact.

Therefore, your home or business is safe from these as long as you opt for our professional pest control West End.

REDBACK SPIDERS: Redback spiders are crawling through your roof space and potentially disrupting your home or business as we speak.

These are particularly growing fastest in West End suburbs. They are immensely difficult to deal with due to their poisonous bite and need for instant medical attention.

Mostly located in the outdoor parts of your building, these reside on your patio furniture and other dry parts around your home. Therefore, you need our pest control service in dealing with these dangerous creatures.

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Why should you choose EPM Pest Control Service West End for residential and commercial pest control?

  • We provide same day services and aim to safeguard your property from various pests
  • We have a track record of 15 years and offer commercial pest control solutions
  • Our professional technicians are highly equipped to offer the best pest treatments
  • Our fully licensed and highly professional services use non-chemical pesticides, ensuring our customers a worthy pest treatment
  • We offer advanced pest service equipment and techniques
  • Highly skilled and educated pest controllers regarding different pest trends and infestation solutions
  • Effective yet cheap pest control to treat pests through pest control experts
  • Instant responses by extremely courteous customer service agents
  • Licensed and regulated pest control West End company

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Pest control in West End has never been easier or more effective. Our quality pest control services will keep all cockroaches, spiders, rodents, and other pests from coming in contact with you. We guarantee our customers 100% satisfaction from our services.

Therefore, EPM Pest and Termite Control West End is the best option for you. Provide your family with the best quality pest control services by calling our number! Our Frequently Asked Questions section on our website will further cater to any queries you may have as a customer.

What People Say

“We moved into our first home over 2 years ago, and EPM pest control has been nothing short of reliable, friendly and all round amazing.

We usually have Eddy come by to do our termite and pest control, however we had Mahdi come out this time, and he was exceptional. Highly knowledgeable and so understanding of us having to work from home and working around us in our office space etc.

Highly recommend EPM pest control!“

Debbie Singh

"We contacted EPM after finding his professional informative website. Eddy contacted us rapidly and arrived at our house soon after. His inspection was thorough after we showed him the termite damage we had uncovered in one room. We opted for a complete barrier treatment around our house. We feel assured that Eddy uses the best quality products applied thoroughly. This treatment has given us peace of mind, our property is now protected against further damage. Our biggest regret is being in denial and not calling the very friendly Eddy a lot sooner as further renovations have uncovered evidence of more termite damage. I have no hesitation in recommending Eddy. He is patient, a great communicator, and his work is of the highest standard. Termites gone!”

Virginia Wind

“The technician that came and did the inspection and treatment was terrific! He was extremely knowledgeable, friendly and professional. Both my husband and I were very impressed with him. He had a great attitude and went out of his way to work in with us regarding the timing. It was greatly appreciated. Highly recommended!“

Tania Lacy

West End

City in Australia

West End is a laid-back residential area popular for weekend markets like Davies Park, packed with vendors selling crafts and produce, and Boundary Street, known for its food stalls. Organic cafes and family-friendly Greek and Vietnamese restaurants have a casual vibe, while green spaces with playgrounds like Musgrave Park add to the community feel. Brewpubs and live music venues keep the area happening after dark. ― Google

Area: 230 ha
Weather: 19°C, Wind S at 3 km/h, 93% Humidity
Location: 2.9 km (2 mi) SW of Brisbane GPO