What is End of Lease Pest Control?

When clearing a property, tenants typically require the real estate agents to complete a pest control service before they leave the property.

The reason behind this is that end of lease pest treatment is carried out annually in Australia. Having a pest-free home will ensure there are no pests in the property when new tenants move in.

While you are essentially paying for the new tenant, it was done before you moved into the property as well, so paying for the treatment isn’t a big deal.

How much is end of lease flea treatment?

The cost of the end of lease flea treatment varies significantly. However, the price is generally between $180 to 200.

are tenants responsible for pest control qld

There are several reasons why pests can become evident in a property. During tenancy, a termite infestation can happen any time.

The easiest way of dealing with pests is by taking precautionary measures. It is easier to stop a problem from happening, than having to deal with it later on.

In most territories and states in Australia, the legislation around pest control is open to interpretation and is unclear. Many local councils have their own rules and regulations about pest control.

check your lease agreement

The first thing you should do is check your lease agreement. You need to do this to find out who is responsible for controlling the pest in the clause. Most agreements will outline pest control responsibilities in an included clause.

Check the residential tenancy act

If your tenancy agreement does not address pest control issues, you can review the residential tenancy act depending on the state you live in. The residential tenancy authority of Queensland states:

If the property was pest-free at the beginning of tenancy, then the tenant must ensure the property meets the same standard as at the end of the tenancy. However, this is what the manager cannot force the tenant to do:

  • Leave the property in a better state than it was before the tenancy
  • Use a particular pest control service
  • Pay a particular fee for a pest control service
  • Use a specific pest control product

Usually, it is up to the tenant to deal with pest-related issues, however, in a few cases, the landlord needs to step in.

are tenants responsible for pest rental property?

The tenant is responsible for the majority of pest issues in the property. This is true if a tenant’s lack of household maintenance and cleaning is the reason for infestation. You should use baits, sprays, and other precautionary measures to get rid of the pests.

When completing the condition report for the property, you need to take note of the pests like ants, spiders, and cockroaches, cleanliness, and maintenance issues.

What is the landlord responsible for?

Typically, the landlord will have the responsibility of clearing pests such as termites, possums, and rats. However, there are a few exceptions, if the tenant was the reason the pests invaded the property or there was poor housekeeping, then the responsibility falls on the tenant’s shoulders.

Health and Safety Concerns

If you are truly concerned about the health and safety concerns of an infestation, you should let the landlord and property manager know as soon as possible. Together, you can work out a solution, and you can argue that it wasn’t your responsibility.

How is Pest Control Treatment Done?

Pest control treatment has several methods and techniques to prevent, eradicate, protect or control your property from all types of pests. Pests such as rodents, cockroaches, ants, bed bugs, spiders and even pigeons.

Snakes can also become pests, so you need to deal with them. There are many types of pest control and management strategies, and they are capable of completely eradicating pests from your property:

  • Biological Pest Control
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Physical Pest Control
  • Chemical Pest Control

What Pest Control Entails?

With pest control, there are methods that eliminate all types of pests in your property. A professional from a pest control company like EPM Pest control that offers Termites pest control near me, will examine the property and look for signs of pest damage caused by common household pests.

Pests are dangerous, and they can spread disease as well. The professional will then carry out treatment methods, to take care of the pests and ensure that the pests don’t return.

Whether you need multiple treatments or not, is something you will have to decide. The pest control expert will give you some suggestions, and explain to you how you can control pest infestation.

One of the things that you should do is book routine follow-ups, which will enable the professionals to examine your property regularly. Always ensure that you sign up with a guaranteed program.

Biological Pest Control Treatment

This treatment weaponises other organisms so that they can eliminate the pests. The pest control professional will also employ natural predators. By using natural predators, you can be rest assured that the local wildlife and pets will not be exposed to chemicals.

You can use different types of insects as well to get rid of pests in your lawn, garden, or home. Minute ladybird beetles and pirate bugs are perfect for eliminating pests.

Chemical Pest Control Treatment

When dealing with a pest infestation, chemical pest control can be an effective method for eliminating pests. There are some risks involved when using pesticides, especially when there are pests in vegetables and fruits.

You should use liquid insecticides when natural pests control methods are not effective. Fumigation is a popular chemical pest control treatment that you can use as well. It relies on venomous gas and kills the pests quickly.

Physical Pest Control Treatment

Using a poisoned bait is another effective method of eliminating pests, especially rodents and insects. Physical pest control is more effective for large wildlife and is also safer than other types of treatments. Trapping these pests is the easiest way of getting them under control.

You can also employ barriers, and block the access areas of the pests. If the pest problem you are dealing with is not severe, you can use a barrier like an electric or metal fence.

EPM Pest Control Brisbane, Ipswich and the Gold Coast

End of the Lease Pest Control is a pest management service company. The company delivers services of the highest standard and contributes to the enhancement of the environment and the community.

End of Lease is an expert in all aspects of treatments and pest control. The company is headquartered in West End Brisbane and has a strong relationship and bond with its clients.

Our end of the lease pest control service has been in business for over fifteen years and is constantly trying to keep unwanted pests away.

The fully-trained experts from the company will visit you, survey the property, and will do a end of lease pest control treatment. The experts will ensure that the pests don’t return again.

Our end of lease pest control services in will employ convenient and safe methods and will fulfill all your requirements. The equipment used by the company is safe for pets, family, and the environment.

Insurance, Accreditation, and Licences

  • Fully Insured Company (Fully Insured through Rapid Solutions, Policy No: Aus 16-5185)
  • Certified Termidor Applicator (All the pest control personnel have undergone Termidor Accreditation Training)
  • QBCC Licensed (Licensed by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission)
  • Queensland Health License (Licensed by Queensland Health. License No: PMT 4004372014)

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