EPM Pest & Termite Control is proud to launch a new website and expand its service offerings. This Brisbane-based pest control company is a trusted name in the local area, well-known for providing unmatched extermination services to both residential and commercial clients.

If you are being overwhelmed with critters and need the help of a reliable pest control company, head over to EPM Pest & Termite Control’s new and improved website at www.epmpestcontrol.com.au to find out more or give the team a call today.


The team at EPM Pest & Termite Control are very pleased with the new website, which they hope will help bring their services to even more people across Brisbane and the surrounding areas. The new intuitive layout has been carefully designed to appeal to users, enabling them to find the services they need quickly and have vital booking information at their fingertips.

As termite removal specialists, EPM Pest & Termite Control have added a number of new ways to deal with these troublesome critters, including termite baiting, termite barriers, and termite identification – all featured on the new website. The website also showcases some of the other new services on offer, such as cockroach control and possum removal.


If you reside or work in Brisbane or the surrounding areas, you are most likely already all too familiar with a wide variety of local pests including but not limited to:

  • bed bugs
  • biting midges
  • cockroaches
  • creepy crawlers
  • fire ants
  • fleas
  • spiders
  • termites
  • mice

These pests can present severe challenges for household and commercial premises throughout the year. When faced with such pests, it’s important that you hire specialists to control the situation before it gets any more out of hand.

EPM Pest & Termite Control is a reliable, trustworthy choice for pest control and termite treatment services in Brisbane and beyond. The team there are experts at what they do and specialise in termite treatment, among other things. They strive to provide excellent pest control services with effective and lasting results for clients – all at an affordable price point.

Having operated in the industry for over 17 years and served over 2000 clients, EPM Pest & Termite Control has earned an excellent reputation with a 4.9-star rating on Google. The team there employ safe and convenient measures, and try to be as environmentally friendly as possible while still getting top results.

EPM Pest Control has a fully integrated pest management system and high-tech equipment to ensure pests are controlled effectively, and the team use non-chemical pesticides to keep you and your family or co-workers safe. However, the most valuable asset the team have to offer is their years of experience and expert knowledge on proper extermination methods.

Early detection and even prevention is key for effective pest management, so don’t wait for pests to cause serious problems in your home or workplace – EPM Pest & Termite Control is dedicated to responding promptly to client enquiries and offers flexible appointments to suit your needs. Call the team today for a thorough inspection and professional treatment.


EPM Professional Pest & Termite Control is a fully licensed and insured pest control company offering services in Brisbane and adjacent areas.

To find out more about the company, please visit the website at www.epmpestcontrol.com.au or for Termite Services visit https://www.epmpestcontrol.com.au/termite-treatment-brisbane/

Source: https://www.epmpestcontrol.com.au/epm-pest-termite-control-brisbane-launches-new-website-and-expands-services/

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